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Kevin Fenn: Cross-border electricity supplier is not a simple "Internet +", but "1 + 1 + 1"

May 31, 2016by:OSell

        What is the cross-border electricity supplier? Everyone has their own answers. But the “Internet +” always is the the ridge that not be went around, when most companies are still exploring what the Internet plus, how to plus, Kevin Fenn put forward the "1 + 1 + 1", what do the three “1” represent? What's new China-made global dream?


Cross-border electricity supplier = "1 + 1 + 1"

Kevin Fenn regard the cross-border electricity supplier as "1 + 1 + 1", that means "domestic manufacturers + Internet + overseas sellers", they constitute a cross-border electricity supplier and 15 million new China manufacturing company's global dream.

The demand of "Internet + China's huge manufacturing capacity + overseas market" is the content of “1+1+1”. The platform of “1+1+1” not only helps Chinese manufacturer to find the path to turn to overtake, but also provides a “Lane change exceed” for China-made to upgrade. Achieve brand rights and pricing rights to achieve a new Chinese-made global dream.


Made in China  Chinese brand

China-made products have not entirely relied on cheap labor to produce cheap products that we imagine in the past. China-made should have the right to speak their own brand in the future.

Osell invited more than fifty overseas buyers to visit the Dongguan manufacturing base. They are overseas local retail electricity suppliers, professional buyers rather than the traders that snatch the brand right with Chinese in the previously foreign trade sector.

It made Kevin Fenn see the gap between China-made and the world brand influence. How does a cross-border electricity supplier to build an Internet channel to help China-made achieve "New China-made global dream" has become a problem in front.

Today, China has more than 15 million state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, small and family-owned companies, which have made a great contribution to our country in the past.

For Osell, helping more than 15 million new China-made transform and upgrade , go to the countries along “the Belt and Road”. Share dividends of economic globalization and achieve common growth and win-win "is not only a business opportunity, but also a mission."

Trade Pattern like Go

Osell CEO, Kevin Fenn compared the trade pattern to the chess and Go to analysis of the current trade pattern.

The past trade world:


From manufacturers to consumers, the middle of the soldiers traveling with artillery formed a long chain of trade, clear demarcation line in the middle constitute trade rules and barriers, Traditional e-commerce model is based on clear demarcation line between the revolutionary model, using the Internet to destroy and revolute and some intermediate sectors, even industry entities.

Today's world situation:


In particular, cross-border trade pattern of the Internet age is a pattern of chess, you have me, I have you, is not a simple "Internet +" mode, so for enterprises, to understand how to merge Chinese manufacturing and commercial fusion spread to the channel.

Based on the understanding of the cross-border electricity, Osell committed to building a large network to help ordinary Chinese enterprises to upgrade the platform, this platform is not only selling products, but Chinese businessmen can sort global interconnection as well.

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