Blue Hydrangea personality handmade disc romantic fragrance candle

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" 1, a static burning, by candlelight, fantasy and romance, with the dark corner of thinking in the study

2, simple and close curve, fantastic round shape to meet all of you for the world's wonderful daydream, bar table and wine company, let your home to create a fantasy and romantic atmosphere.

3, from the national selection of flowers, and thousands of kilometers across only to meet with you

4, carefully selected materials, regardless of day or night, was chosen in a twinkling Hydrangea flowers

5, using technology to preserve the natural color of preserved flowers flowers, refused to add the color and appearance of artificial, eternal presence

6, high permeability glass after [play] [wear] [throw] and other multi - channel technology, craftsman's dexterity, let Candlestick skeleton gradually forming, fine sense of beauty in the fingertips flowing.

7, the flower of the swing handle must be manually operated slowly, unable to use the machine, so every flower's attitude is not the same, every product is unable to replicate the existence of

8, hydrangeas collection in the candlestick, like floating in the water, spit out the beautiful bubbles, fragrant, in contrast, in this square inch of land to create dreamy space effect. "


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