Polyester polyester denim jeans sewing thread 20S/2

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simpleTo introduce
Polyester covered polyester core spun polyester staple fiber coated polyester filament line using material refining production. Twisting wire has both the appearance and function of polyester staple fiber and low shrinkage polyester filament is enhanced due to the addition of sewing thread tension. The cored wire for denim washing is better than ordinary sewing thread, lint free, continuous line widely used in Europe and the United States, as well as foreign enterprises. In order to improve the denim garment production efficiency, high speed car many garment enterprises reached 5000 rpm above the speed of ordinary polyester sewing thread tension is not enough to generate heat or break because of abrasion, so the sewing thread is ideal with polyester core spun yarn. Our company production the cost is far lower than the foreign imports of other peer companies. Many brand garment units in the past two years, and our company has established good relations of cooperation.

Wuxi Huniu Thread factory Co., Ltd

  • Phone: +86 510-85302878
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Location: China
  • Main Products: sewing thread ,family sewing sets ,Newborn baby Coverall,baby carrier,Baby Bibs,blanket
  • Total Employees:Less than 100 people
  • Year Established:1997
  • Export Markets:Domestic Market,South America,Europe
  • Total Annual Revenue:USD138MILLION


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