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Size: 73mm*100M
Material: heat sensitive paper
Printing process: cutting and cutting
Product Description: suitable for supermarkets, shopping malls, gas stations and other settlement, thermal printing, small volume occupied space, convenient and practical. Intermediate paper core diameter of 20MM, width of 73MM, length of 100M, according to different printers to build different specifications. Stickers size and packaging, can be customized according to customer requirements. Low cost and environmental protection, cost is very high.
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Shenzhen Bolin Printing Co., Ltd

  • Phone: +86 28111353-609
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Location: China
  • Main Products: Picture albums, hardcover books, packing box, stickers
  • Total Employees:Less than 100 people
  • Year Established:2009
  • Export Markets:Domestic Market
  • Total Annual Revenue:


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