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shenzhen Hiyouyou tech co limited .  

  • China
  • usb flash drive , power bank , car charger , wireless charger , SSD


shenzhen Hiyouyou tech co ., limited is a branch company of Oscar International Goup co Limited, main do the OSCOO brand product, mail product include usb flash drive, car charger , wireless charger, power bank , SSD and so on

Contact Details

Emily Zhang

sales manager

Tel: +86 0755-28790014-810
Fax: +86
Email: sales006@oscoousb.com
Location: China
Address: 6f,m building ,Jinbaobao industry District,No 2,North part,Shangxue Industry city longgang Shenzhen,China

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Emily Zhang / sales006@oscoousb.com

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