Red Daisy drop type handmade crystal glass paperweight

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" 1, selected from various countries and across thousands of kilometers of flowers, only to meet with you

2, carefully selected materials, regardless of the day or night, flowers are in a moment to be selected

3, using technology to preserve the natural color of preserved flowers flowers, refused to add the color and appearance of artificial, eternal presence

4, the high-quality crystal after [play] [wear] [throw] multi-channel technology, craftsman's dexterity, let paperweights skeleton gradually forming, fine sense of beauty in the fingertips flowing.

5, flowers are treasures in the candlestick, like just pick is also wrapped with dew flowers fragrant, in contrast to the square inch suddenly bright.

6, simple close curve, thick honest attitude, is the best listener you buried the foreshadowing

7, thick base can easily pinned every piece of paper, and bright and bright appearance is a reflection of a gorgeous brilliance, the country you lit up bright and colorful. Is your home furnishings choice "


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